The New Beginnings Church of God is proud to have a deaf ministry. Our ministry includes weekly interpreter service during the morning praise and worship portion of service, and an interpreter of the message. In addition, our deaf ministries includes a choir, Singing Hands of Harmony, that performs from time to time during church, but also that acts as an outreach ministry. If you are interested in getting involved in the deaf ministry, contact Nan or Charles Pennington, or any of the leaders listed below:

Deaf Ministry Leaders: Nan and Charles Pennington

Interpreters: Charles Pennington; Anne DeWitt; Billie Perkins

Praise & Worship Interpreters: Beverly Clark; Rebecca Reynolds; Karri Santi

Singing Hands of Harmony Choir: Nan Pennington, Director; Anne DeWitt, Co-Director

The Singing Hands of Harmony choir is an extension of our church that does outreach shows and programs for various groups, including the VA Hospitals, senior citizens in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, other churches, graduations, and other groups.

The choir targets groups with music that is geared to the audience’s ages and signing to them while they listen to the music and watch the team perform. All who see the program find this to be very rewarding and walk away with a different perspective of what they witness.

The Singing Hands of Harmony recently performed at Togus VA Hospital. A special thank you to Scott and Brenda Reynolds for their assistance in this production. Scott ran the music while Brenda directed the team as well as documented the event with the photos below.

Deaf Ministry Salute