New Beginnings Church of God supports a variety of missions through the generous giving of our membership. In addition, members of our church embark on short terms missions trips once or more per year. Funding is critical for these missions efforts.


Missions funds that come in to the church are used 100% to support the various missions of the church. Missions funds are segregated from the operating fund and are allocated as follows:



20% - Legacy International – Senegal, Africa


20% - Run for the Son – CMA


15% - Teen Challenge – Augusta, Maine


10% - Israel


10% - Tommy & Poppi Smith


10% - YWEA


15% - Short Term Missions


If you are interested in supporting missions, you can place your offering in the weekly offering plate with “Missions” designated on the offering envelope. In addition, please feel free to see Pastor Alan to make a specific missions offering.



Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)




New Beginnings Church of God believes in supporting our members on domestic mission trips. As such, our short term missions fund is used to send people from our church on short mission trips to help other churches or people as needed. See Michael Morneau if you are interested in taking part in a future short term missions trip.




Christian Motorcyclists Association


CMA is a servant minded interdenominational motorcycle ministry with a non-denominational message of hope and love through Jesus Christ. Enjoy the family atmosphere, make life-long friends, and join an army of people dedicated to changing the world, one heart at a time in the highways and byways.


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Church of God World Mission: Tommy & Poppi Smith


Lifting up the cross of Jesus Christ over Indonesia and beyond since 1983, Tommy and Poppi Smith are helping bring transformation to Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Moslem population, through evangelism, leadership development, ministerial enrichment, and benevolence.

Preaching the gospel and praying for miracles are Tommy’s top priorities. Fluent in the Indonesian national language, the Savannah, Georgia, native regularly travels the islands of Indonesia conducting revival crusades. Tommy also serves as regional superintendent over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.


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Church of God World Mission: Israel 


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Teen Challenge: Augusta Maine


Teen Challenge is one of the oldest, largest and most successful program of its kind in the world.  Teen Challenge New England serves individuals and families in the six New England states and New Jersey by providing Christian faith-based, long term residential recovery homes for more than 400 adults & adolescents and outreach and drug prevention programs to children and youth in schools and local communities.


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Youth World Evangelism in Action (YWEA)


YWEA 2014 seeks to Ignite the initial phase of the joint venture between World Missions & Men & Women of Action’s African Firewall that will stretch across the continent of Africa. The African Firewall is a project of Marcelly’s Dream and hopes to enlarge the Kingdom of God by establishing ministry training centers that will house church plants, kindergartens, Internet café & computer training, after-school programs, soccer camps, and Bible Schools. Specifically we will attempt to fund the purchase and construction of three (3) Ministry Centers or Anchor-Points in Senegal, Niger and the Horn of Africa. Primary focus will be the care of children (daycare, medical clinics), discipleship & development of leaders, reaching the least, the last and the lost of Africa.


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Legacy International: Chris and Kathy Javner


Senegal, Africa


A recent email from the Javners:


Ever just need a break?  Well, yesterday was one of those days for our family.  We decided to be spontaneous and head to the "local" pool for the day.  Christopher took off on his scooter.  Katahdin went zooming away on his moped.  Sahara and Cheik started for the garage to reserve our seats in the next vehicle destined for Kaolack.  Chris and I finished securing the house and began our own trek to the garage.


Our route took us to the solitary tarred road still a few blocks from our destination.  We were walking along greeting everyone who we passed and enjoying the "cooler" weather of the morning hour. 

One of the men whom we greeted stopped and spoke some very encouraging words.  He is one of the heads of the different quarters here in Keur Madiabel.  He was dressed in his flowing fabric kaftan which spoke volumes of his position in the town.  He wanted us to know that he has been hearing nothing but good things about us living in Keur Madiabel.  He spoke of how Chris works very hard and how he has heard of his heart for the people here.  He pronounced a blessing on our work and lives.  We thanked him for his kind words and thanked God with this man for all that God is doing through our lives.  He told us that he had been meaning to come to our house and tell us how thankful he is for all the good that he has been hearing about us.


We often wonder how our presence in the town is viewed.  We are thankful that God gave us this glimpse yesterday.  This man's encouragement was such a blessing. 


Thank you all for allowing Jesus' name to be proclaimed here!  May He continue to receive all the glory for any GOOD that is done through us.  Only by His overwhelming love will His truth's be made known.


Many, many blessings in Jesus' name!!!


Chris and Kathy Javner
Legacy International

PO Box 2676

Lebanon OR 97355